I was recently given a stack of Montgomery Ward catalogues dating from 1961 through 1970 by a good friend. A VERY good friend.


Have you ever yearned to order from a vintage catalogue? These items from the 1961 catalogue would be my first picks. From the look of this book, stripes, tucks, polka dots, eyelet, and animal prints were the thing for spring/summer ‘61.

In my vintage business, I think I may have seen a few items in this catalogue, including a veil hat, a two-tone bouffant party dress and a sophisticated rayon dress with sheer chiffon sleeves and yoke.

Besides imagining ordering fabulous clothing from a catalogue that is now vintage, I’m sure we all have fantasized about paying these vintage prices. That first striped dress with matching scarf? A mere $22.84. However, adjusted for inflation, that dress would cost $195.21 today…and that dress came from value-priced Montgomery Ward, not Bullock’s Wilshire!