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WHO I'm Writing a book for, and why

I started wearing vintage clothing in 1974 because it was something I could afford with the pocket change of a teenager and the soul of a person who never quite felt like she fit in.

After decades of stocking only my own closet with my vintage finds, I started denisebrain.

Everyone is shopping online these days, and there are challenges in shopping the web for any clothes, but especially vintage clothes. The myriad styles, fabrics, and greatly varying descriptions from sellers make finding the right item a skilled pursuit.

Whether you appreciate the style, the value, the quality, the fit, the fact it’s recycled and better for the planet, or the unique way it allows you to dress, I believe you will find vintage is worth the challenge.

I am writing this little guide to assist the vintage fashion-wearing newcomer, but even though we’re taking it from the top, I hope it also offers some fine tuning for the skills of the more seasoned vintage fashionista.

I plan to answer some of the questions I’ve heard most about choosing, purchasing and wearing vintage fashion—questions like

  • What vintage should I choose and how should I wear it?

  • How do I decide on the size?

  • What should I do if it doesn't quite fit?

  • How do I take care of it?

I can’t think of one single person who can’t wear vintage. I want to help you find what vintage works for you


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