You have really inspired me. I came away from your site so happy! It was fun, thoughtful and very interesting, and I love pink! … When I get down from now on I am going to just go browse around your store for a few minutes and I'm sure it will pick me right back up! When I order from you, I know exactly what I'm going to get—which is an exquisite new vintage piece that I will treasure!


Your descriptions of your vintage items are charming and accurate. You clearly are very knowledgeable and have an excellent sense of style, across all the different decades from which you hand pick these lovely outfits.

I buy quite a lot of vintage from the U.S. but I really need to send a heartfelt personal “thank you” for the most beautifully presented, carefully packaged piece I’ve ever received! The time taken by you in treating this dress so tenderly has the effect of sprinkling fairy dust over it for the recipient.

It is fun to go shopping there, every item has a story and she tells it well. She is as happy and cheerful as she looks in all her presentations, shows a real love for what she does, and this spills over into the sweet considerate way she treats her customers.

Honestly one of the best (and nicest) vintage dealers around... Beautiful merchandise, customer service beyond all expectations, exceptional attention to detail & a huge heart—a percentage of her sales goes to very worthy causes. I'm a huge fan!

Sizing is dead on perfect, shipping and communication: Best ever!

Maggie is So Great!!! No joke, this is the BEST transaction I have EVER had! You made my evening perfect!!! I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me :)

Congratulations! You have done a great job of making vintage even more fun than I thought it ever could be!

I love your pics Maggie—you always give the impression of living in a beautiful, kind and glamorous world.

Maggie is a true vintage expert, she knows what we like, and she sends every one of my items in excellent, wrinkle free, smell free, fresh condition! I am always waiting in such anticipation when I order something from denisebrain, and I have never ever been disappointed. Thank you Maggie, for the wonderful store keeper/entrepreneur/and just STERLING person that you are to us.

Even if you just need a mood lifter, window shopping at denisebrain will always bring a smile and thoughts of long gone eras. She makes us all realize we CAN turn back the clock to a brighter classier simpler time.

You are so honest about any condition issues and detailed with your pics it's wonderful to see a seller like you. Some time ago I bought a dress from you— it was in fantastic condition and I was positively surprised as the tiny “flaws” you mentioned turned out to be even less visible.

Such a beautiful top, and so carefully and delicately wrapped—As receiving a gift from my best friend. Thank you!

Class act, fabulous personality, exquisite/exciting clothing, unsurpassed service

Always a great source for vintage finds! Weekly shopping here is a must!

Further recommendations include 1700+ five-star reviews on Etsy and 4500+ (all positive) ratings from my “denisebrain years” on eBay.