It’s time once again for my annual round up of favorite vintage sold last year. It’s always so hard: One can’t choose everything, but I really do fall in love with the things I sell, and this fact comes through in the sheer lack of editing down you can witness below. Sorry not sorry.

Also in the mix you will catch a glimpse of a few customer images, and you can see more of these on the Vintage You page.

You will also see a lot of non-me models in my photos here. I’ve gone from being terrified of having anyone but me in my shots (because I was afraid that no one would know it was my shop anymore) to being overjoyed for the unique character that all the models have brought to my clothes. This is what I want for my denisebrain business, a feeling of everyone being welcome in. I think the models are helping me show that, and I’m so grateful to them all.

I have a lot—I mean A LOT—of vintage to show you in 2019, so hold your horses!! (And yes, there will be more wooden horse pins!)

I hope you have found as many unexpected reasons to smile this year as I have, and that 2019 brings us all our share of joy, health, love, and hope—oh and of course, vintage!

My very best to you, Maggie of denisebrain