I'm working on the next post in my series on caring for vintage—working very hard to fill the gaps in my stain-removal knowledge. But while we wait for that to be completed, here are two recent Vintage Convergences. 

I call it a Vintage Convergence when I find a vintage ad, photo, or pattern with the same garment as one of my vintage finds. In the past year, none of these have surfaced—but in the past two days, I've found two.


The first came up as I researched a dress by the designer Chester Weinberg for listing in my Etsy shop. The dress is of outstanding quality, so I had to know as much as I could about it, and there it was, available in pattern form from the Etsy seller GransTreasures:


The second convergence appeared while I was reading the great Glamourdaze blog this morning, including a post featuring photos of 1950s fashions in Kodachrome. Here, in a photo of a group of ladies dressed for a formal occasion, is a gorgeous magenta and black strapless gown that I have in my Etsy shop. I love this 50s woman's black tulle wrap as an ethereal finishing touch! 


If you'd like to see more convergences, I share a Vintage Convergences Pinterest board with other vintage mavens.