I am working on a little book about vintage clothing. [Brief pause while I hyperventilate—Don’t mind me!]

To be specific, I’m writing a short guide to choosing and wearing women’s vintage fashion for the newcomer.

My hope is to ease the intimidation some women feel about buying and wearing vintage fashion through simple steps, concrete examples, and encouraging ideas. Purchasing vintage online is the focus. I’m writing about some of the things I am asked the most about, including fit, quality/value, and how and what to wear.

I believe that the ideal reader is a woman new (or newish) to wearing vintage or one who has felt left out by the tribal or hipster wings of the vintage-wearing scene. It’s kind of Vintage for Newbies—and Don’t Worry You Do Not Have to Look Like Anyone Else ...but that is a little long!

I truly could use your help with a title for this book! My original idea and the working title is: Getting Started with Vintage. This is too vague because some people could take that to mean getting started selling, among other possible misinterpretations.

I am contemplating a couple of really thoughtful suggestions from friends, but would love to hear your thoughts. It could be something short and sweet with a more explanatory subtitle.

Please let me know what you think!