I started selling vintage clothing on eBay among a fabulously wide array of great sellers, all with great items, fine feedback and excellent auction listings. I knew at that time that I couldn't really compare in the depth of my business, the depth of my knowledge, or the depth of my inventory. Not a model in age, size, looks or experience, I decided to model some of the vintage clothing I was selling. I sometimes took 60 photos per one reasonable finished product in 2000. The main reason for trying this was to distinguish myself from other sellers. I wanted to advocate--in words and pictures--for my offerings.

A couple of early modeling efforts:

After awhile I started to be known for doing my own modeling and I am still the same non-model in terms of age, size and looks! Oh, actually I'm even older! However, I am gaining experience. When someone says to me that she knows someone who is "very cute and would make a great model" I feel skeptical until I see her "act" because to me it is all about acting a part. I do smile in real life, but nothing like the unrelenting joy I often portray in photos. This isn't real life after all, but a glorified fragment of a better, perhaps imagined past. I love old fashion magazines, with their intriguing photography and modeling, not to mention the clothing. I want to convey the flavor of the happy, healthy look you often find in vintage fashion spreads.

Once someone posted a message about me, that I "invite everyone else in for the fun, instead of trying to be cooler than [my] buyers." Nothing could make me happier than that statement, because I only want others to feel they could enjoy the clothing as much as I do!

A couple of recent photos: