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What's your best denisebrain find?

On April 22 my business turns 17 years old.

Since 1999, I have sent many thousands of vintage items to new owners and I’ve heard about (and in some cases seen photos of) many people enjoying their new finds. Are you one them?

I ask because the Denisebrain Vintage Fashion Show this week is all about my customers showing off their favorite purchases from my shops. It would make me so happy if you would participate! 

If you haven’t seen one, the #dbvintagefashionshow is a chance to trot out your photo of a favorite vintage fashion item of a particular theme—one week the theme might be shoes, the next week the color green. You show your photos on Instagram, Twitter (both of these tagged #dbvintagefashionshow) or Facebook (as a comment on my page). Then I get to show you off! 

If you don’t delve into social media, I would welcome you to email me a photo to include; the address is

Please help me celebrate my business’s birthday with your unique and fabulous flair for vintage! 



The denisebrain vintage fashion shows of 2015

This past year I had the idea of asking others to post some of their favorite vintage items in categories  ranging from glasses to “gets the most looks.” These denisebrain vintage fashion shows took place on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and for the purpose I whipped up the mighty long hashtag #dbvintagefashionshow.

I started these shows because I’m curious about what other people wear, do and think with their vintage fashion. Sometimes the internet seems kind of isolating, even with people all over the world participating. These shows made me feel like I was sitting across the table at a coffee shop with friends. Interesting, unique, stylish, beautiful, colorful and thoughtful friends.

I can’t possibly thank everyone without accidentally leaving a few out, so just a very big thank you to all! See you again in 2016!



The first denisebrain Vintage Fashion Show is here!

This week I am counting on you to parade your vintage brooches ~your~ way! Let's see how you wear them—are you classic or surprising?—Show us!

The photos on the left are from (top clockwise): ItalianIceDesigns on Etsy, Modern Kiddos blog, Hikari note on Tumblr,,

Post your photos on my Facebook page, or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #‎dbvintagefashionshow