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Earth Day and the Denisebrain 20th Anniversary

Today is Earth Day, and that alone is absolutely a cause célèbre! But it also happens to be the 20th anniversary of denisebrain, which I started on April 22, 1999. Why on Earth Day? I didn’t plan it that way, but I love that this day coincides because I believe that wearing vintage fashion is the most beautiful of recycling. I’m all for walking as gently as possible on our Earth. Did you know that I use 100% recycled-content tissue paper to wrap your items to ship? And that my web host MacHighway is wind-powered? And that I donate 10% of my sales to Save the Manatee Club?

On Earth Day, please consider wearing vintage (from me, or anyone else) as if the Earth depends on it—because it most likely does!


Twenty years of age—That makes my business officially vintage

I have BIG plans for this year, starting with a 20% off sale in my Etsy shop just today and tomorrow (April 22-23). Click HERE to jump to my shop and have the discount applied at checkout, or use the coupon code HAPPY20TH when you check out.

Now let’s get the 20th Anniversary party started, shall we?



Denisebrain is 19!

April 22nd is the day: denisebrain's 19th anniversary! Nineteen years of finding, mending, cleaning, writing about, photographing, discussing, selling, and loving vintage fashion. Nineteen years of being positive I have the best job in the world. 

Now and through the weekend, please help me celebrate by taking 19% off your purchase from my Etsy shop using the coupon code 19THANNIVERSARY, or just click on this link: and the discount will be taken automatically when you check out. The code is good today through the weekend.

I get to be Queen for a Day!

I get to be Queen for a Day!

You may have noticed that April 22nd is also Earth Day, and although that was coincidental, founding denisebrain on the same day was a meaningful coincidence. One of my favorite things about this job is knowing that I am making a small difference by recycling well-made and beautiful clothing and accessories.

(Maybe not so small, that difference—in these 19 years I've sold over 10,000 vintage items! If one of those items went to you, thank you so much!)



denisebrain=18, Earth Day=47, The Earth=4.54 billion

Today is the 18th anniversary of denisebrain. I didn't plan this day to coincide with Earth Day in 1999, but it has always seemed fitting. After all, vintage fashion is the chicest form of reuse...recycling in style! 

Earth Day is now 47, dwarfing my little 18 years in business—and the Earth is estimated to be 4.54 billion years old, dwarfing most everything. I still feel that all we can do to honor our beautiful "home" truly matters.  


Please help me celebrate the 18th anniversary of denisebrain by using the coupon code 18THBIRTHDAY for 18% off any purchase from the denisebrain Etsy shop through Monday, April 24, 2017. 

...and celebrate the Earth every day by wearing vintage! 



Denisebrain is just 17, if you know what I mean...

In 1999 I hung out my virtual shingle and sold my first vintage dress. It was love from the very start. The dress, the photo-taking, the research, the writing, certainly the customer—even the boxing up and standing in line at the post office—I loved it all! I would get up at 4:30 AM to begin work each day because I couldn’t stand to wait any longer to get started.

Now on denisebrain’s 17th birthday, I still love it just as much. Seventeen is not a young age in the world of small businesses, but it still feels as young young as a teenage covergirl!

The first cover of the new Seventeen magazine, September 1944



What's your best denisebrain find?

On April 22 my business turns 17 years old.

Since 1999, I have sent many thousands of vintage items to new owners and I’ve heard about (and in some cases seen photos of) many people enjoying their new finds. Are you one them?

I ask because the Denisebrain Vintage Fashion Show this week is all about my customers showing off their favorite purchases from my shops. It would make me so happy if you would participate! 

If you haven’t seen one, the #dbvintagefashionshow is a chance to trot out your photo of a favorite vintage fashion item of a particular theme—one week the theme might be shoes, the next week the color green. You show your photos on Instagram, Twitter (both of these tagged #dbvintagefashionshow) or Facebook (as a comment on my page). Then I get to show you off! 

If you don’t delve into social media, I would welcome you to email me a photo to include; the address is

Please help me celebrate my business’s birthday with your unique and fabulous flair for vintage!