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Conservation Northwest update

You’ve done it again! I am able to make a substantial contribution to Conservation Northwest because of your interest and enthusiasm for the cause. Today I can send the goal-exceeding $518 raised in December to CNW. I know this will be put to the best use by this great organization which is dedicated to protecting wild places in the Northwest on so many fronts.

I think this is cause to celebrate!! 
Original artwork by JahnaVashti on Etsy
I’ll never stop saying it: Denisebrain has the very best customers!



I need your help for Conservation Northwest

I need your help right now. I am going away on vacation—the first in many years—and my work for Conservation Northwest is unfinished.

I have a couple of days before I promised to deliver $500 to this great cause that protects the ecosystems of the Northwest. This area is the home of grizzlies, wolves, mountain lions and woodland caribou, old growth forests, pristine wilderness...and steady encroachment from human occupation and interests. We in the Northwest are the keepers of much of what is considered wild and wonderful in the U.S. Help me help Conservation NW to preserve this national and world treasure for all time.

I may go on vacation, but I won’t go happily without finishing this. Please either find something you love at (Etsy shop and web store) where 25% of your purchase price will go to CNW, or consider a direct donation at my page.

Some of the most beloved creatures on earth are counting on us.



Bear with me now...

We are on our way to reaching the goal of donating $500 to Conservation Northwest at the end of December. Now here’s the wrinkle: During the last seven days of the month I will be on a small vacation (yay!) and so instead of having 18 days left to wrap this up, there are actually 11. Anything earned in the last seven days will also be donated, but I won’t be able to cheerlead the effort.

Here’s what you can do: If you find a vintage item you love in my Etsy shop or web store, purchase it this month and I will donate 25% to CNW. You may also donate directly on my page. YouCaring takes absolutely nothing from your donation, and neither do I.

Please consider chipping in, for the grizzlies, wolves, spotted owls, woodland caribou, and all the other iconic species of the Northwest.



Once more with feeling for Conservation Northwest

At the end of the 1980s I started being a supporter of Northwest Ecosystem Alliance because the fledgling organization gave me hope for the continuing health of the natural environment of my area in the face of a drastically expanding human population.

That organization is now called Conservation Northwest, and it gives me more hope than ever.

I live in Washington State (first Seattle, and now Spokane) and I am extremely fortunate to have diverse and unusual ecosystems in my backyard. There are diverse wildflowers and old-growth forests, tiny pikas and grizzly bears. There are about 44 endangered species, including iconic mammals such as the gray wolf, cougar and orca whale. One of the most critically endangered species in the U.S. is found in northeastern Washington: the woodland caribou. I have seen one of these magnificent reindeer relatives while on a hike. There was snow on the ground in the mountains on the 4th of July, and we saw nearly round hoof prints.

And then we came upon this solid and compact caribou with its snowshoe-like round hooves. It was a very rare siting of a woodland caribou for someone in the Northwestern U.S.

I am indeed fortunate.

The world is filled with deserving causes, but more and more I see the point of helping out in my own backyard. Conservation Northwest looks out for the wild Northwest and the balance between ecosystems, communities and wildlife. None of our natural treasures are a given for the future, and Conservation Northwest is watching out for the wild, present and future. Of course these are the country’s and the world’s wild treasures too...rare, wonderful, and to be preserved by and for all.

This month, for the sixth year, I am devoting a portion of my sales to CNW. Twenty-five percent of the purchase price on any of my vintage items in the denisebrain web store and the denisebrain Etsy shop will go to this great organization. If you don’t see any vintage that inspires you but would like to contribute, please go to my page. YouCaring takes no money from the cause, so your donation goes entirely to CNW.

My goal is challenging: $500. We’ve done it before, you and I...let’s do it again!


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The bear went OVER the mountain

Cell phone photo of a grizzly bear in the North Cascades by hiker Joe Sebille

Although in my world finances are unpredictable, December is usually predictably not such a great month for my business. I believe that vintage clothing is something most people buy for themselves and not others, and so people turned toward gift giving turn away from vintage somewhat.

Sometimes I think it’s quixotic of me to try to raise $500 as 25% of my earnings for December.

However, I promised to try to raise $500 for Conservation Northwest, as I had squeaked out that much to donate in previous Decembers, and I like a good challenge.

To my delight and astonishment, we sailed past my goal and on up to nearly $600. I owe much to the interest and enthusiasm of my customers, and for the lovely donation of a stash of jewelry to be sold with all profit going to Conservation NW. Denise, who donated the jewelry and works as a wildlife rehabber, told me I gave her too much credit in my previous blog about her generosity. Her jewelry raised one-sixth of the total donation, so I don’t think I exaggerated, do you?

I also want to publicly thank the indispensable Barbara Christensen of Conservation Northwest, who makes sure that my fundraising is her business to share around, and supports my work for all environmental causes.

I will be sending a check for $587 to Conservation Northwest this morning, and I know it will go to excellent use—for the grizzly bear, and for the Northwest wilderness.

Bear hugs all around!

Bear hug by zukzuk on Etsy

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Last few days for the Bears and Conservation Northwest fundraiser

I received a note yesterday from a customer in Vienna, Austria: 

Thank you...for supporting the bears. I have been thinking of buying the dress for a long time, but the thought of getting pretty things and supporting these beautiful animals at the same time let me finally buy it.
Photos of grizzlies in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, BC. © Heather Johnson 
Speaking from my own experience, it seems that there is a great appreciation for what we still have here in the Northwest from places that once had much more wilderness.

If you want to help preserve this beautiful corner of the world for the grizzly bear and all living things, one great way is to support Conservation Northwest and that organization’s efforts on so many fronts, from grizzly bear recovery in the Cascade Mountains, to wolverine reintroduction on the Olympic peninsula, to range riders that protect livestock and wolves, to remote cameras for monitoring wildlife, to conservation easements that allow wildlife the opportunity to pass through the territory they need to survive. The organization’s expertise, advocacy, coalition building and tenacity makes it the best friend our wilderness has in this magnificent region.

I can’t get to the remote cameras, and I do not have a law background, or scientific expertise. I have never seen a grizzly bear in the wild, but I want to know they are there, with all the other animals that can live in a region that can support grizzlies. That’s why I set aside 25% of my income in December for this cause.

There are still a few more days for 25% of your purchase price to go to Conservation Northwest. You may also donate directly through my YouCaring page, with 100% of your donation going to the cause.



Can you bear it?

If you have been following the progress of our For the Bears and Conservation Northwest fundraiser, you will notice that the goal of $500 donated was reached yesterday...the best gift on Christmas day!

Since there are still five days in the month, I am extending the goal to $550 and I certainly wouldn’t stop the fundraiser until the new year. The truth is, every cent is needed and appreciated for CNW and the grizzlies.

25% of your purchase price from the denisebrain web store and the denisebrain Etsy shop is going to the cause...or if you like, you can donate (with 100% of the donation reaching the cause) through my YouCaring page.
My brother and little me with a teddy bear...I have always loved bears

For more about this fundraiser, please see this previous blog post.



Go vintage! Go bears!

I am back, if you will bear with me, to update you on my fundraiser for Conservation Northwest. First, a treasury collection of grizzlies I put together on Etsy: 

click on the image to see more about each of these artful characters
The Northwest has many treasurable creatures, but the top of the food chain, where the grizzly bear stands, is always the most precarious place for any creature. I’d like to say that grizzlies are a symbol of this area’s natural places, but the grim fact is that they are a vanishing symbol here in the Northwest.

Conservation Northwest is the organization I most trust to champion the cause of grizzlies here, so I am once again working to raise $500 for CNW this month. As you can see from the tally up in the corner, we are getting there, thanks to your care and concern. I am donating 25% of the proceeds on all sales from my stores during the month of December. In my Etsy shop you will even see jewelry items with 100% of the purchase price going to Conservation NW, thanks to a generous donor.

I love my customers’ reactions from around the world:

I'm so so glad 25% has gone to such a worthy cause

Glad to be able to help!

 I'm thrilled to know 25% is going to a conservation charity - bless you

Grizzlies and conservation? Let me go see what else I can find to purchase...

And it's doubly delightful that the proceeds benefit such a worthy cause.

Here are just a few of the vintage items in my web store and Etsy shop right now:

If you would like to contribute to the cause and don't find just the right vintage item, I'd be very honored if you would contribute through my YouCaring page. YouCaring takes no money whatsoever from your contribution—it all goes straight to the grizzlies. 



Why bears?

OK, the bear hugger is back to let you know that I’m rather pleased at how well my fundraiser for Conservation Northwest is going with your great help—but this is no time to take it easy! I would like us to raise $500 this month and I know this is a time of year when everything can be too busy to catch a person’s attention.

Does this help?

Grumpy Bear by RandysWildlife

Seriously though, this gives me a chance to answer a question no one has ever asked me, possibly because you are too polite: Why bears?

After all, they are top-of-the-food-chain predators, with good-sized claws and teeth. What’s to like?

Besides everything you mean? Check out this great short film on the subject if you need a little convincing.

WHY BEARS? from Trifilm, Inc. on Vimeo.

Now take a moment to see if there is any vintage (recycled!) clothing or accessories you’d like from my shops, with 25% going to Conservation NW...and the bears they work to protect.

If nothing in my shops moves you, I would still be honored with your support through my YouCaring page, available by clicking on the widget in the upper right corner of this page.

Forever for the bears, denisebrain



The bears have friends

Recently I was sent a good-sized stash of vintage costume jewelry by a woman (Denise) who found the items among her mother’s possessions. There are many wonderful pieces! The best part of all is that Denise told me I could use the items to benefit Conservation Northwest...her donation to the cause. She told me she is a wildlife rehabber and seems to have an especially great fondness for owls.

One of Denise’s favorite “owl accessories” as she put it

Right now and for the next week or so, I’m busily listing jewelry from Denise, all with 100% benefitting Conservation Northwest. Some of the items available right now:

Chunky Lucite bangle bracelets
Oops, this one didn’t last long! Yay!
Glass moonstone brooch
Plastic or wooden bracelets with bakelite color schemes
Lisner thermoset leaves necklace
Hand-painted myrtlewood pin, souvenir of Oregon in the 1950s
Striped Lucite bangle bracelets...or owl eyes if you prefer!
Thank you Denise! The bears thank you, and the owls...well the owls think you are a rock star!

For more about my Conservation Northwest fundraiser, please read my previous blog post.