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What’s to love about 1970s retro?

By now I have a flat-out crush on 1970s retro-inspired clothing. I can’t quite see myself tripping down the street in the full kit, so I’ve winnowed the looks for my favorite aspects.

1. Platforms and walkable heels
2. Bright tights, patterned tights and ankle socks

3. Fun plastic jewelry and flowers

4. Art deco-style prints
5. Flowing trousers

6. Colorful vintage-y makeup and romantic hair

7. Cloches, berets, headbands and turbans

8. Flowing flowery fabrics

9. 1920s-, 30s- and 40s-style dresses (especially the 40s!)

What can I’s just a happy, colorful look! 

All images credited to the best of my ability on my Pinterest board 70s retro-inspired fashions



Untapped 70s retro-inspired fashion? Not so fast

Early 1970s retro-inspired fashion seemed to me to be a great choice among wearable vintage clothing because it isn’t often so fine as to not be worn regularly. I kind of thought it might be a niche that was not overly coveted.

I think I had that wrong!

First, it is more scarce than I’d thought. Second, it seems to not be underrated in the least. Third, it is kind of hard to find online.

Keywords? I would have said 70s does 30s, 70s does 40s, 30s-style, 40s-style, retro-style 70s, deco revival. I expanded my search and found more early 1970s items under 1960s mod, boho and other search terms. If you are searching, you might cast your net farther.

I also realized that I have sold some items that fit into this 1970s retro style, and each disappeared quickly from my shops.

A few of the items I could think of from my past sales:

I guess I was wrong about the retro-mania 70s look being an untapped market!

In my Etsy search, I found these. (See my Retro-inspired 70s Etsy page for details on these items and others.) 

I would so like to put these together (again, details on that Etsy page):



Retro ideas from the 1970s

There was an early 1970s version of retro mania in fashion. It wasn’t slavish to one period, but it seemed to favor the romantic looks of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

In many cases it was a little more youthful, brighter and more mixed-up in details than the models of the original era. Mass market items were not usually fancy in their construction. I can really see wearing retro fashions from the 70s, and combing the era for ideas.

Here are just a few retro looks from 1973—some high-end, some not-so-high-end and some to make yourself. See these and more on my Pinterest board Retro-inspired fashions of 1973.



October resolution: Wear an era I don’t usually wear

You may recall that I decided to tackle one vintage resolution per month this year, and I’ve come to October: Wear an era that I don’t usually wear. 

At the beginning of the year I thought about wearing 1930s items. I love the prints, the lengths, the jewelry! However, I know it isn’t easy to come by genuine vintage clothing from the 1930s that is actually wearable for more than special occasions.

Then I thought of the retro-inspired fashion that came into vogue around the early 1970s. There were wide-legged pants, platform shoes, turbans, veils, puffed sleeves, cloches, little sweater vests, berets, empire waists, flippy skirts, romantic florals and deco prints, big lapels— inspirations from the 1920s through 40s.

I have something to confess. The ONE vintage dress that I sold that most haunts me and I really wish I still had: A retro-inspired early 70s dress in bright blue polyester with Mr. Natural printed all over it.

Mr. Natural
I guess you kind of had to be there to get why I loved this dress. It was just so cute and odd with this polyester print and early 40s-style puffed sleeves, back tie and shirring at the shoulders. I even asked the good customer who bought it if she would tell me if she ever wanted to sell it. I'm sure it was homemade.

I guess I love the new/old juxtaposition at the time. Some was terribly elegant...and some had Mr. Natural!

Tomorrow: Some favorite fashions of 1973