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Remarkable 1949 novelty print blouse

You must know I love vintage novelty prints...what a trove of treasure! Here's my Flickr collection, and the Flickr Vintage Novelty Prints group pool).

Listed on eBay right now I have a blouse with one of the best novelty prints I've seen. The blouse dates from 1949, to be discerned from the newspaper print itself, with a few references to 1948 and 49. There is an article about an antique show with scarce 1949 motor cars "Strange Four Wheeled Land Vehicles Cause Much Comment."

The print is funny and historical and fascinating, as this was a 1949 view of a newspaper ("The Strata Star") in 1999...the future. In this future, we are traveling to other planets and they are traveling to us, the government (made up of Globocrats and Unipublicans) is in charge of everything. There are atomic-heated coats, Martian ambassadors, 8-course dinner pills and commuter rockets causing traffic delays.

You may notice the paper is dated April 1, 1999.

I bought the blouse from a 98-year old woman who said she bought it to wear to a Halloween party and it was so popular that she wore it on other occasions when she wanted to break the ice.

See more photos of the blouse and the listing here.