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5 things: Party dresses

Cocktails? Dinner? Dancing? Perhaps making cookies with your little ones (complete with holiday apron of course)? I have a few vintage options for your holiday wish list:

(Click on photos for more information about the items.)

1. 60s Vintage Travilla Black Dress
2. 50s Vintage Gorgeous Green Strapless Tulle and Taffeta Gown with Tulle Wrap
3. 50s Vintage Gold Lace Full-skirt Party Dress
4. 50s Vintage Black Rayon Sheath Dress with Rhinestone Detail & Cummerbund Waist
5. 50s Vintage Red Taffeta Party Dress with Contrasting Slip Meant to Show
Extra credit, on eBay this week: 50s Vintage Copper Lace Strapless Party Dress by Clifton Wilhite



Finding Marilyn Monroe

This is supposed to be a get-the-look post, specifically how to get the look of Marilyn Monroe. However, emulating the enigmatic icon without devolving into mockery (think Vegas impersonator) could never be easy. There will always be only one Marilyn.

My suggestion is to find the part of her look that works for you, whether it is the elegant drape of her dress, the simple palate of colors, or the blond curls.

This week, the members of the Vintage Fashion Guild have shown some of their glamorous Marilyn-style vintage clothing in the fashion parade. Of the many breathtaking items, these are a few:

50s-60s black fringed dress from magsrags, 50s Foster Grant sunglasses from Proper Vintage Clothing, 50s royal blue draped dress from Miss Martys Vintage, 50s Ceil Chapman pale taupe silk gown from Poppy's Vintage Clothing, 50s Roxanne swim/play suit from Damn Good Vintage, 50s black satin 2-piece halter dress from Viva Vintage Clothing, 60s rhinestone bracelet from Aarayln's Velvet Dragonfly, and black suede high heel pumps by Valentine from JoulesVintage

I'm showing some unused 1950s shorts and also unused—amazingly—is a black Travilla dress. I have a gold tissue lamé Hardy Amies dress. All remind me of Marilyn, but the connection to Travilla is especially close, as he was the designer of a number of the most iconic outfits Marilyn wore for her movies, including that white halter dress over the subway grate. You know the one.
All among my eBay offerings this week

Whatever part of Marilyn you find, I hope it makes you feel wonderful.

I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful. —Marilyn Monroe