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The First Lady wears vintage...what are you waiting for?

I was thrilled at the concept of a First Lady wearing a vintage dress, but even more thrilled at the reality of our most stylish Michelle Obama in a 50s-era Norman Norell dress, looking arguably as beautiful as she's ever looked.

In case you missed it, here she is, helping to keep a flock of elves together:

What a great vintage dress for Mrs. Obama, so flattering and timeless!

If you feel like giving a similar look a try, here are some great vintage choices available online right now. (click on photo to link to the item for sale)

Mill Street Vintage has this Suzy Perette dress on eBay:

The back detail is as compelling as the front on this dress (by Janet Leigh for Natlynn) at Vintage Devotion:

If you could use a tiny hint of a sleeve, there's this organza and lace number at Past Perfect Vintage:

Strapless lace is to be found at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags:

Simple and elegant in chiffon and taffeta, this dress is among the offerings at The Vintage Vortex:

Palm Beach Vintage currently lists this Seymour Jacobsen gown:

This Emma Domb gown, complete with lace snowflakes (well, that's how I see it) is at Dress:

Sheer black lace layers over peach taffeta in this beauty at Blue Velvet Vintage:

The swirling detail looks very lovely on this dress offered by alitza-trends on eBay:

This dress at Viva Vintage Clothing is cotton, nonetheless very party-worthy:

Finally, for the all-out party girl, this gift of a gown comes with its own bow, available at Couture Allure:

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Vintage for Mrs. Obama

Since I first saw Michelle Obama, she and her style have given me her own brand of hope. Here is an extremely intelligent, capable, articulate and interesting woman in her 40s, and she has undeniable style too!

In my mind, I always dress people in vintage clothing, and the more I like the person's style, the more I play this game.

Well my game is being taken up by members of the Vintage Fashion Guild this week, where we are featuring Dress the First Lady on our Fashion Parade, with items from our currently available vintage inventories.

Here are some things I chose for Michelle from my racks. Her inimitable style can carry so many looks and colors, and I know she looks stunning in blues and purples. One of my dresses for her is 1950s vintage by R & K, with a little bow tie at the neck and a flaring skirt.

I know she knows how to wear a full-skirt dress, so I found a cool 50s dress I think would look very sophisticated on Mrs. Obama.

I don't think anyone handles shades of yellow better than Michelle, and I have a 50s dress and coat set that would definitely light up a room, along with a silk blouse by Bernhard Altmann:

I love, and am inspired by Michelle's accessories, from a big patent handbag to a (gasp!) vintage brooch she wore for the inauguration.

I have a scarf for Mrs. Obama, in a veritable U.N. of colors in silk:

Finally, I know she loves cardigans and I have a 50s beaded beauty in pink, along with one that would be so right for Michelle!

All these items are in my eBay store, except the yellow blouse and silk scarf, which are in my Etsy store.

I follow Mrs. Obama's style on Mrs. O* and you might like to too!

*All the photos of Michelle are from the Mrs. O blog.