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Lulu's Vintage Top 10 Award


Vote for your favorite vintage clothing website!

Once again it’s time for Lulu’s Vintage People’s Choice Award

Click on the image to go to Lulu’s blog, where you will find a great list of vintage clothing sites to browse. I always learn things and get inspired by looking at each of these websites, thinking of both the inventory and the way it is presented.

You may vote for up to 10 sites. Vote for the shops that float your vintage boat, including your own...

(...and of course I’d be honored and so happy if you’d consider voting for me, denisebrain!)

Please and thank you!



Thanks to you I'm a winner!

Hooray!! Denisebrain is among Lulu’s Vintage Top Ten People’s Choice Award winners again this year! Have a look at the fabulous company I keep.

My sincere appreciation to Lulu for holding this contest—it’s a chance for those of us who sell vintage to get great exposure, and for those of us who buy vintage to see what is out there. If you didn’t yet see the list of vintage sites Lulu compiled, please do. This year she has also made a list of her personal choices for vintage clothing by the decade.

And my ongoing thanks to the readers of my blog, the purchasers of my vintage finds, my supportive and inspiring colleagues and all who make everything I do such a joy.

The champagne’s on me!



Lulu’s Vintage Awards

It’s time for Lulu’s Vintage People’s Choice Top 10 Vintage Clothing Website Awards for 2012! 

Down on the right side of this page you can see I've been privileged to win a few times. Last year I won a People’s Choice award and that truly meant the world to me. ♥

Lulu has been running this contest for years now, and I'm sure you will appreciate working your way through her list of great vintage websites:

You may vote for ten websites, and I've be honored if denisebrain was one of your choices! 



Lulu of Lulu's Vintage holds an annual contest for the public's favorite vintage clothing websites, and the time is now (through May 31) to vote for your top 10 favorites!

I would be honored if one of your favorites was denisebrain!