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Are you wearing the green?

1916 postcard downloaded by permission from Tipnut

Ways to avoid being pinched, from my shops —
Late 40s spring green linen dress
60s chiffon party dress
60s green twill dress
60s pleated party dress with rhinestone waistband
50s batwing sleeve coat
60s Bonnie Cashin canvas & leather coat
50s iridescent plaid taffeta party dress
50s Hattie Carnegie earrings
50s tulle & taffeta gown and wrap
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

...and don’t forget: Vintage clothing is green in another way too! 



5 things: Green vintage

It's emerald city out there in the greater fashion world, and here are five vintage options from lime to olivine to emerald (click on photos to link to items):

1. Lettuce-edge party frock by Miss Elliette

2. Fiery emerald rhinestones by Hattie Carnegie

3. Frothy tulle and taffeta party dress extraordinaire

4. Fresh lime (I can't stop showing this one off!) by Bonnie Cashin

5. Splendid 30s silk gown by Yolande

Of course, vintage is recycling, so go green!!


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It's time for your every-so-often reminder that Vintage is good for the planet

Vintage IS recycling, and to emphasize that point, I have some green items (so they're green in both ways) for your consideration.

50s frothy formal in Wedgwood green with black velvet trim:

a 60s vintage pear green raincoat by Misty Harbor:

a 1960s pale turquoise green wool jacket, carefully homemade:

and a 1950s dress made from a striking print from Associated American Artists:

These are available on eBay right now.

Green is the Vintage Fashion Guild's Fashion Parade theme of the week, and you will find more vintage green to love at the VFG.

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