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Meditation on elegance

On 2/17/12 I read a Huffington Post style article titled Stefano Pilati: 'It's Not Easy To Find Elegant Women'. Mr. Pilati, who is the creative director at Yves Saint Laurent, is quoted in an interview with VICE as saying:  
My idea of that someone is elegant when he or she shows a good knowledge of what fits them, where you can find naturalness and self-esteem. Not showing off. Elegance is the idea of showing an optimistic depiction of oneself, and to lose oneself in the frivolity of style and fashion. Nowadays nobody gives a shit about being elegant, or chic.
This article has sent me on a search for the meaning of elegance, and whether or not it matters. It is a somewhat personal quest because I don’t feel elegant myself. I wonder if I should, whether or not it is important. Mr. Pilati does not exhibit elegance in his choice of words; is he correct in saying that it is hard to find elegant women now?

I start by showing and quoting Audrey Hepburn, the most elegant woman I can think of.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” —Audrey Hepburn



Get the Look: Audrey Hepburn

I get a little emotional around Audrey Hepburn. Not only was she one of the most unusually beautiful women on screen, but her true nature was unusually beautiful as well.

Look at her just being herself in this screen test from 1953...the one that landed her the role in Roman Holiday.

In considering how to emulate her look, I have chosen a small wardrobe of vintage items that seem to really express the style of Audrey Hepburn:

1. A perfect Little Black Dress

You know the inspiration, and how perfect can you get, both Givenchy dress and characterful woman?

2. While we're at it, fabulous sunglasses

Make them big, and black.

3. A neat and high quality handbag

4. A statement hat

Just google "Audrey Hepburn hat"

5. Flats

How else to do that modern dance in Funny Face?

6. A black turtleneck


7. A gorgeous evening gown

Here you have a number of inspiring images to choose from, many by Givenchy, all completely elegant.

8. And you'll need long gloves to wear with that gown

9. A wonderful quality 60s suit

Charade features a number of Givenchy suits and coats in strong colors and perfect cuts.

10. Some awe-inspiring jewelry

Audrey's regal side showed (for the first of many times) in Roman Holiday.

11. A white shirt and capris

Keep it classic and you will never be out of style, just as Audrey always seems absolutely perfect.

I can't begin to write the last word on Audrey...I feel barely capable of writing the first word, but I have an overwhelming feeling that what made her an extraordinary actress and beautiful person came from inside her. We can all gain inspiration not only from her grace and elegance, but the fun she seemed to have, her curiosity, and her generosity, concern and love for others.