I love the Pantone Color of the Year for 2019, Living Coral, but I have something a little more intense in mind.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 5.34.31 PM.png

I have Phoenix Red in mind. Call it fiery, call it hot, call it transformational. You can also call it by its hex color number f92420.

Smoky, chili-based Mojo Rojo sauce from Bon Appetit

Smoky, chili-based Mojo Rojo sauce from Bon Appetit

There’s a story behind all my Magtone colors, and these usually begin with food. In this case, I was sitting over a bowl of steaming rice and veggies, and then pulled out a hot chili sauce to spice up my dinner. When I saw the color of the clear chili-fied oil near the edge of the dish of sauce, my eyes got big. There it was.

Julie Driscoll in Vogue, 1969

Julie Driscoll in Vogue, 1969

What does this color symbolize? I believe it is the first cousin to a similarly vivid color popular in 1969-71. Saturated colors were in then and there was a mood in the air similar to the mood now. We are not content, we are motivated—we are transforming. I might have chosen a few different colors around hex color f92420, but the name of this, Phoenix Red, had me hooked. A change is coming.


Let’s get the fire started, shall we?

Here are some vintage items I’ve scouted on Etsy that fit the bill:


You can find each of these items, and links to the items for sale, in my Etsy list, Phoenix Red.

Are you feeling Phoenix Red as much as I am? Are you prepared to rise from the ashes?