For the latest installment in my series Desert Island Vintage, we check in with Carol Baker of Dandelion Vintage. I've known of Carol and Dandelion for as long as I've been paying attention to vintage fashion online; her first vintage website was in 1997. She is known not only for having lots of great vintage available at the fairest price around, but for her lovable sidekicks, two English bulldogs by the name of Gus and Betty Boop.

Carol's eight vintage picks make a fine, wearable collection from the 1930s through 1950s, and her choices are all quite feasible—all that is except number eight. But a girl's gotta dream, right? Carol loves to beachcomb along the New Jersey shore, and her desert island wardrobe reflects her love of the beach. Come to think of it, Carol would be exceptionally well-equipped for a trip to a desert island...as long as her pups could come along too!


Here are Carol's choices:

1. "Fabric purses with wooden handles. They’re not really very good to carry to be honest. You can’t get them on your wrist, and your stuff just jumbles all around inside. But they look so good! These are two of my own.

2. "A tailored 1930s/40s jacket or suit with fancy little details. This is a very favorite of mine. I love the plaid, love the silver buttons. I bought it in a stock purchase many years ago. I no longer wear it because it’s fraying on the ends of the sleeves and has some holes in it, but it hangs on my bedroom door. It’s super special to me because I wore it when we went to get our pup Boris [a previous much-loved bulldog family member] in 2001. I remember him sitting on my lap and biting the buttons.

3. "These are a dream item because I’ve never found a wide legged pair of pants that fit me. I don’t like anything high on my stomach, and of course these are cut wide. ‘Desert Cloth Sunback Overall’—that just sounds fantastic. I also like things with little nautical touches, like the pocket on the far left pair.

4. "Playsuit with matching skirt. I don’t know why I haven’t found a set like this that I like yet. They’re out there—again the fit is an issue for me because I have a long torso.

5. "Curvy oxfords. These are 2 pairs from my own closet. I love a nice, solid heel, not too high. Cute & sensible.

6. "To me, the perfect Summer dress is a Swirl. Everyone loves Swirls! This is one from my closet. They are just so comfortable, adjustable, cute.

7. "And for the cold weather—a sweater dress or sweater and skirt set. This was a purge from my closet that I sold on Etsy. Why did I sell that?? I think that it was a little too snug under the arms.

8. "The totally unattainable, extravagant, splurge-y dream item would be something worn by Myrna Loy. I just love her. Everything that she wore was fantastic. Suit, casual wear, evening gown, lingerie—I’d take anything! Goddess.


You can find Dandelion Vintage's Etsy shop here, and website here. You can follow Dandelion Vintage on Facebook and Instagram, where Betty and Gus make cameo appearances.

...And if Carol ever does manage to find something worn by Myrna Loy, you'll have a front row seat!


Many thanks to Carol Baker for sharing her wonderful Desert Island Vintage picks!


What would you want if you could have just eight vintage fashion pieces? If you'd like to be featured here, let me know!

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