After looking at spring fashions from Nordstrom online, I am here to show you why you might want to start your spring shopping with vintage.

I love Nordstrom, always have. I also love these fine designer fashions, and believe many, if not all, were made ethically, by fairly-paid workers.

Still, I can’t help but do head-to-head comparisons with vintage fashions. I suspect that many of the vintage items are of equal-to or greater quality even as compared to modern well-made designer items. And the bonus? Vintage is recycled, sustainable fashion, and you support a small business owner when you purchase from her.

These items are all available from Etsy sellers (including me):

I guess it's obvious you can save some money with vintage. On this shopping trip alone you would save a whopping $13,781.50—plus you'd be one of a kind wearing your vintage originals! 

Of course Nordstrom sells lower-priced clothing for more modest budgets. The snag there is that the clothing at lower price points is often not made ethically, although price alone does not always tell the entire story. Those wanting to purchase new fashions that were made by reasonably-paid workers in safe working environments will need to do some research. Bonus: Most vintage clothing was, in its day, more ethically made, often by union workers earning a living wage in the U.S.

Buying vintage is:

  • Less costly
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Supporting a small business
  • Unique

So what are you waiting for? 😊

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