A couple of posts ago I made a list of items I really want my closet to have. If you have followed some of my blog posts you know I don’t have much room in my closet, but I have enough room for the right things.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my wardrobe is more icing than cake.

Some of my wardrobe basics list I have in spades. I find, love and often keep vintage handbags. 

Ditto printed full skirts.

Here are three of something like six vintage white blouses, now back in service since I managed to get stains out of them.

Coats are a happy way to get through winter in a northern town like mine. Here’s a warm one and a dressy one...I ♡ my vintage coats!

Vintage day dresses and occasion-y dresses? I couldn’t live without them. 

You can see I like details, prints and color. I really kind of hate to look for, but know I need the grey knit shirt, the comfortable black pumps that aren’t boring, the black flaring skirt, the black blazer...  Can I find these more basic basics in vintage?

I imagine that basics might have been worn to the worn-out stage in the past, making a great basic a little harder to find. Perhaps vintage shops don’t consider them exciting enough to offer. Have you ever seen a rack in a vintage shop that was labeled wardrobe basics? Me neither.

Do you find vintage equivalents for your most basic clothing?