My February’s vintage resolution, you may remember, is to Dress Like a Star at Home.

On that line, you must see the magical late 1940s vintage advertisements for Textron. Textron was founded in Boston in 1923 as a small textile company, then boomed into production of parachutes during WWII. After the war, Textron made its name in lingerie, blouses and consumer goods, specializing in every step of manufacture and distribution “from yarn to you.” The name Textron is a combination of tex as in textile and tron as in manufactured fibers such as the artificial silk Lustron.

For their ad campaigns in the 1940s, Textron hired the young illustrator and fine artist Charlotte Joan Sternberg. Her art for the company is a series of magical scenes, beautifully rendered. Surely I would still be attracted to chic apple green and tangerine quilted rayon satin hostess pajamas, but if I saw them in an ad featuring penguins and the Northern Lights, I would find them absolutely irresistible.

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So, why just dress like a star at home when I can dress like a star strutting on a cloud with Rhumba Ruffles?

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