I have resolved to work on my tiny, dark and dismal closet this month and I am very glad I have. There are stunning items in clutter and disarray, right beside some things that I will never use or care about. You can be very sharp and not be able to perceive what’s in this closet!

My closet door has space to hang things, and yesterday it went from a wreck of vintage slips, camisoles, dickies and the like, to an orderly arrangement of the items of that sort that matter to me. I also put an over-the-door rack on the back side of the door, for out-of-season favorites. My crazy-bright 1960s vintage half slips now are somewhat on display, which makes me happy, but I hope to extend their rack to display even more. I don’t think that a closet is just for order, it’s also for joy.


Last night, after starting my work on the closet, I had a dream that a child ran up to me and yelled “Look, it’s Barbara Billingsley!”

...she of Leave it to Beaver fame. In my dream I could not think who Barbara Billingsley was, but consciously I see the connection: The perfect 1950s housewife (Barbara Billingsley played Beaver Cleaver’s mother) subconsciously joined me in my dreams. You might say I am a closet feminist, because my closet project made my subconcious question my own motives. The fact is: I love clothing, and to have my closet show that is a reflection of my happiness and reality, not an example of submission to rules or expectations. Au revoir dear Mrs. Cleaver.

I can’t wait to continue on with my closet. In looking at hundreds of pins, websites and blog pointers, the most obviously helpful piece of advice has been “Look Up.” Usually there is something to be gained vertically. Also, look up in terms of your own style—there is always room to grow in quality, not quantity...handy for a tiny closet owner!

In the meantime, I’m pinning ideas on Pinterest. I’ll let you know what happens next.