OK, so it isn’t easy to pin down your single favorite vintage item as I asked a couple of posts ago. I myself can’t do it. I have favorites in these categories:

1. Amount of use/years of service
2. Sentimental favorite
3. Collection of items of one favorite type
4. Item I have hardly worn but makes me happy just to think about
5. So completely me

I’m sure the list could go on. Since I want to encourage your stories, I will start with the most used vintage item in my closet. If you know me in person you will no doubt recognize my late 1960s bright red-orange belted jacket.

My husband took this photo of me for my vintage fabric bag business back in 2002. The jacket was a 2nd-hand purchase a couple years before. I probably wear this jacket 50 or 60s times during a year, and about 30% of the time I get a compliment on it. 100% of the time I am happy in it. 

What vintage item do you use the most?