I have never been to my favorite city in the world. You might ask how it could possibly be my favorite city if I've never seen it first-hand, and the answer is that I love the idea of Paris.

For me, Paris is art, true beauty, romance, history, an appreciation of fine things, slight melancholy, a balance of social and singular rights and privileges, haunting architecture, charming neighborhoods, the correct perspectives on leisure and cuisine, raising children well, triumphal open spaces, fascinating people, creative city planning, invention, nostalgia and modernism, the center of fashion.

Ah, fashion. When I picture Paris, I must admit I see storybook scenes, and favorite vintage movies. Dresses are twirling, impossibly beautiful people are sipping strong black coffee, hats and eyebrows are cocked just so, a child holds a red balloon, a woman’s dress competes in beauty with an open flower stall.

Mes chers amies françaises, please forgive me for generalizing. My April theme is merely un hommage to my favorite place.

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