First: May I tempt you?

You may have seen my monthly theme, Doll Up in Vintage, well I have seven fabulous vintage fashion paper doll books with iconic designs of the 1940s, 50s and 60s, and the first seven buyers of $50 or more from any of my stores will receive one of these cool books! (Shop my stores by visiting

Update 3/17/11: 3 left!

Update 3/25/11: all gone!

Second: A few days ago I received a prize from a living doll, Lulu of Lulu's Vintage fame.

I won her blog giveaway pop & psychedelia collection, and I am loving these fabulous 60s brights! She sent me a scarf, a flower pin, a jewelry roll (with a print which is very similar to a half slip I own), an apron and a vintage advertisement, all splendidly bright. I look like a psychedelic housewife...which is pretty close to the true me! Thank you Lulu, you are so generous and cool!

The ad reads "A-hunting we will man-trapping Sportmaker separates"...Hmm, perhaps a couple years before Women's Lib took hold?

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