I have just tallied up what you and I have been able to raise for manatees in the month of August, and I am practically speechless... $620.68! Never in a million Augusts could I have come up with that number out of my bank account, but by putting away a portion of the denisebrain proceeds, it was possible. Many of you have told me you purchased from me out of concern for manatees and a desire to help.

It gives me hope that anything is possible, and hope is needed for manatees. This is a terrible year for them, but people all over the world are coming to the rescue, through volunteer work, fund raising and contributions.

It's hard to really know about an animal that is under water, mainly off the coast of Florida in our country. Take a look at the Save the Manatee Club website for more about what that organization does, and what you can do to participate.

Thank you so much...denisebrain has the best customers!!