Some time ago in my blog, I talked about one of my all-time favorite vintage clothing sources, a woman named Jacqueline who was, and at a ripe old age undoubtedly still is a wonderful dresser. Her mother Ailene was a very fine seamstress. This photo shows the mother and daughter out shopping, as photographed for a San Francisco paper during WWII.

Recently I sold some cotton dresses from Jacqueline, and I believe these were made by her mother, either for herself or her daughter.

The dresses sold to a couple of my favorite customers, Jen and Janine, two friends who live across the continent from each other. Neither had the faintest idea that the other was buying a dress from this same great lady, but now they are thrilled to have what they are calling their Vintage Sister Dresses. Recently they met up at a convention, and wore their dresses:
Now I am hoping to be able to see Jacqueline, to show her these two women looking so very pretty in her dresses. The charm lives on!

Many thanks to Jen and Janine for allowing me to share this story!